ASGARD Vessel campaign

ASGARD is approaching the end of the project and we are well advanced in our verification and validation activities. After a long time of testing in consortium facilities and in other laboratories, the time has come to test the performance of the receiver in a real environment. To this end, in mid-May 2023 we took the ASGARD receiver to a ship for a test campaign to see how the receiver would work in the different maritime environments for which it was designed.

Members of both consortium companies (GMV and SAAB) traveled to Seville where they installed ASGARD’s equipment on a rental ship for intensive testing over two days. The navigation consisted of leaving the Port of Seville,, sailing along the Guadalquivir River to its mouth and navigating along the coast of Cadiz. The second day the route was reversed, starting from the coast of Cadiz at Chipiona lighthouse to the port of Seville.

During the campaign, the receiver was tested in all its operational modes, with a special interest in the use of OSNMA, which allowed us to see live that we were navigating safely without receiving Spoofing attack. Furthermore, the results of the campaign showed that the receiver complied with the performance required by the Maritime IEC standards, which guarantees that the receiver meets its objectives when operating in the environment for which it was designed.

We continue to work to extract the maximum value from the feedback we have received during the campaign to further improve the receiver and contribute to safer navigation with our multi-constellation, multi-frequency receiver with OSNMA capabilities.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss our progress and conclusions in the final stage of the project.


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