Critical Design Review Meeting

Following the project schedule, the Critical Design Review (CDR) meeting was held on January 19, 2022. This meeting marked a very important milestone in the project, as it is the one that initiates the implementation phase. In this phase, all the efforts that the consortium has made for a year to have a design that can meet all the project objectives will be brought to reality.

The primary objetive of the CDR is is the completion of the prototypes detailed design, architecture and to authorise the start of the prototype’s development. This meeting, therefore, was the fourth milestone in the project and was attended by members of the GMV-SAAB consortium and representatives of the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA).

Several topics were discussed during the meeting. First, all deliverables planned for this milestone were reviewed one by one. Then, the current status of the project managment was analyzed, identifying the key points of the current project situation. Finally, the next steps to be taken for the successful development of the project were reviewed and it was agreed what is expected to be achieved for the next milestone.

At this stage, the consortium already has a detailed design and architecture of the equipment. In addition, progress has been made on verification and validation plans. This progress allows the consortium to begin to address the new challenges of the upcoming milestone Test Review (TR).

The meeting concluded satisfactorily and the team is already working to continue to ensure the highest quality in future deliveries. Other next step is to continue working with institutions such as BSH and JRC laboratories to prepare the tests that will prove that the equipment complies with IEC 61108-3 and  European MED regulations.


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