Kick-Off meeting of ASGARD

The last 21st January 2021, the Kick-Off meeting of the ASGARD project was performed by the consortium compound by GMV and SAAB, following the Fundamental Elements funding mechanism under grant agreement GSA/GRANT/02/2019. A total of 16 participants attended this meeting which supposed the launch event of this project focused on  Advanced Shipborne Galileo Receiver Double Frequency.

This meeting covered aspects like: the ITT project objectives, the consortium presentation, the ASGARD project presentation (starting point, work plan, WWPP description and deliverables identification), deliverables at KoM, etc.

The starting point for ASGARD receiver development presented in the KoM is composed by a SAAB R5 Navigation System provided to the project and the GMV PRESENCE2 GNSS OEM receiver, in Open Service version. This second device will evolve during the project to be aligned with the ITT objectives and afterwards integrated to produce the ASGARD shipborne receiver.

Among other things, in this meeting GMV presented a high-level view of the activity based on the objectives of the project, schedule, milestones and work package structure. That work plan and the work allocation between companies was defined in such a way they could take advantage of the expertise of each organisation.
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