Preliminary Design Review Meeting

Continuing with the project activities, the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meeting was carried out on September 23, 2021.  This meeting was the third milestone in the evaluation of the project’s progress and was attended by members of the GMV-SAAB consortium and representatives of EUSPA. The primary objective of the PDR is to review the performance of the preliminary design activity for the EUSPA approval as input for the prototype detailed design process.

During the meeting, the aspects covered were:

  • Deliverables at PDR presentation with an assessment of the comments provided for each of them.
  • Project management status looking at the actions to be started and those that are still pending.
  • Next project steps paying special attention to the deliverables to be written meeting next milestone.

At this stage of the project, the consortium has developed an overview of the architecture of the ASGARD Equipment and provided some insight into available functions and possible use cases. In addition, the consortium has defined an overview of the verification and validation plan that will take place during this project.

The last part of the meeting served to discuss the next steps of the project, where a detailed design will be developed. Furthermore, the key aspects for the next deliverables containing detailed information on Test Plan and Test Procedures were highlighted. Including compliance with Galileo GNSS IEC 61108-3 and others regulated by the MED 2019/1397, advanced simulated spoofing attacks, and actual ship testing. All this progress will be evaluated at the next milestone (CDR) where the project design will be closed.


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