Requirements Review Meeting

The Requirements Review (RR) meeting supposes the second milestone in terms of progress evaluation of the project. The primary objective of the RR is to release the updated technical requirements and specifications. This meeting was performed the past 16th April 2021 and was compound by the consortium (GMV and SAAB) and the GSA with attendees from both sides.

The following aspects were covered during this meeting:

  • Deliverables at RR presentation with an assessment of the comments provided for each of them.
  • Project management status looking at the actions to be started and those that are still pending.
  • Next project steps paying special attention to the deliverables to be written.

In this stage of the project the consortium analyzed the user needs coming from applicable GNSS standards and maritime regulation which provided a clear view of user requirements to ASGARD project. From the outcomes of this analysis, ASGARD equipment requirements were identified.

The last part of the meeting was focused on the actions accomplished and their influence in the progress of the project, together with the evaluation of future actions to be performed for next meeting (PDR). Thereby, the table of contents of the deliverables 4 and 6 were showcased in order to get the GSA approval.

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