ASGARD ION GNSS+ 2023 presentation

The ASGARD project, co-funded by EUSPA and developed by a consortium between GMV as leader and Saab, aims to develop an advanced maritime GNSS receiver using multi-constellation and dual frequency. The receiver is designed to provide enhanced positioning accuracy, integrity, availability and robustness in challenging environments, such as near the coast, in ports or under spoofing attacks.

The project team presented the latest campaign tests results of the ASGARD receiver at the ION GNSS+2023 conference, held in Denver, from September 11 to 15, 2023. The presentation, titled “Study on the Benefits and Uses of OSNMA in Maritime Navigation”, was part of the Marine Applications, and Search and Rescue session. The presentation showed the results of the different spoofing and OSNMA tests performed to assess the receiver performance and resilience. The abstract of the presentation can be found here [link to ION website].

The presentation was very well received by the audience and the session chairs, who awarded it as the best presentation of the session. The award recognizes the quality and relevance of the work done by the ASGARD project.

The project team also had the opportunity to interact with other GNSS experts and stakeholders at the conference, and to showcase the ASGARD receiver at the GMV booth. The receiver attracted a lot of interest from the visitors.

The ASGARD project is now concluded, delivering a prototype of the maritime receiver that demonstrate the benefits of using multi-constellation and dual frequency GNSS, as well as OSNMA and spoofing detection techniques, for maritime applications. Following is the link to download and see the presentation:



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