ASGARD Market Oriented Brochure

The project is coming to an end, and it is very important to share with the maritime community the advantages that this GNSS receiver can bring to the market. For this purpose, we have prepared a brochure summarizing the most relevant features that the ASGARD equipment can offer.

ASGARD (Advanced Shipborne Galileo Receiver Double Frequency) is a project in which GMV is collaborating with Saab to develop a new maritime GNSS receiver based on the open service of Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation service. ASGARD aims to boost Galileo take up in maritime transport by developing shipborne EGNSS (European GNSS) data-processing receivers.

The brochure shows some of the most interesting features for the maritime sector, such as the fact that it is a multi GNSS, multi-frequency and reliable receiver. In addition, it is especially noteworthy that this receiver includes the latest innovations offered by the Galileo system such as the OSNMA. This functionality allows to have spoofing alerts making navigation more secure.

Do not hesitate to take a look at the brochure to learn more about the receiver we are developing. You can download the market oriented brochure here:

Link to download the brochure


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